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November 1999's Video Review We have one of the Holy Grail Films at GDI.  The Barry Bostwick flick Megaforce.  Remember, Deeds Not Words.

September 1999's Video Review One of the Japanese, men-in-rubber-suit flicks called War of the Gargantuas.  SUre they arent Godzilla, but then who can truely compete with the King of all Monsters.  The added bonus is that though Americans had a hand in creating the flick they failed to screw it up.

June 1999's Video Review Lori Petty, Ice-T and a future where water is the most valuable commodity.  You gotta like that premise.  A pretty good movie adapted from a great comic . . . Tank Girl.

January 1999's Video Review What we have here is a joint U.S/Japanese venture from the sixties that GDI has a really soft spot for.  The title says it all (or not) . . . Green Slime.

November 1998's Video Review This is one of the few Stephen King films I can even tolerate, possibly due to the fact that it is filmed in the same cheesy style as the mans writing. Maximum Overdrive is what it's all about.

July 1998's Video Review This was the first "Asteroid slams into the planet" flick. Meteor starring the man, Sean Connery and a type of wood that doesn't float . . . Natalie Wood.

May 1998's Video Review We've got your Mars Pathfinder right here. Capricorn One starring the guy from the AAMCO commercials and our favorite knife murdering ex-football star, OJ Simpson.

February 1998's Video Review A classic that was released as a 3D flick, Space Hunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone, starring Molly Ringwald who bursts onto the screen like that thing from the movie Alien. Unfortunately the video isn't in 3D . . . and it isn't even in the same galaxy as Alien.

January 1998's Video Review A groovy version of an old serial comes to like in Flash Gordon. Gotta love a flick that has a soundtrack by Queen.

February 1997's Video Review Jim "The Dragon" Kelly in Black Belt Jones. Karate, and more Karate, plus groovy funk music, a bunch of fat mafia stereotypes and a hot chick.  Oh and some chicks on trampolines.

October 1996's Video Review We're talking about 1990: The Bronx Warriors. What you have here is a bad film filled with bad acting, but you have Fred Williamson and a chick with a whip so it is a good film.

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