Episode 211

New World Order On Venus

    It seemed like another day at the Professors office.  Aarron was blending a pitcher of margaritas in the kitchenette, though Mercedes had opted not to be around today.  Vince was queuing up the tape in the VCR that I brought for our after the show showing.  Ever since MST3K had gone to the Sci-fi channel, there were no longer any re-runs of older episodes for Aarron to watch, so I started bringing in my taped shows so he could catch up on the whole deal.
    Granted, things have changed a lot since season two, but it's good for him to see what the past is all about.
    I crashed in the chair.  You know the chair I'm talking about . . . the La-Z-Boy Atomolounger.  The very same chair that has the thermal cushions built into it that warm your butt to the exact same temperature as it would be just before you get out of bed in the morning . . . oh yeah.
    The other two sat down and we watched Episode 211, The First Spaceship On Venus.  I, as always enjoyed the show, but films like these, either the kind made in a country other than the United States, or the type with that "International" vision always left me with heartburn.
    "Like The Dirty Dozen."
    "No, not like the Dirty Dozen.  The only international concept in that film was that they were killing Nazi's."
    But, as always, the Professor had that look on his face.  Aarron definately has issues when it comes to seperating television from reality.  He also has issues in other areas, but I won't go into them right now, not without his shrink wife around to defend me.  The problem with this look was that it would stay there ans become more distressing until somebody got hurt or the issue was resolved.
    Thank God Vince asked, saving me the pain.  "What's the problem Aarron?"
    "Don't you see the problems with that film."
    Vince shook his head.  "Well sure they got that first man on the moon thing wrong but Brinkman and Armstrong sort of sound the same.  Besides, America has become bored with the space program.  The technology just isn't that impressive any more.  It's easy to forget the fact that we sent a spaceship to Venus in 1985."
    "You are quite drunk, aren't you Vince?"
    "Yep, keeps me from taking you seriously Aarron.  It's just a TV show, relax!"
    The Professor got up and started pacing.
    I knew where he was going with this and I foolishly opened my big fat mouth.  "You're not going to start on that whole internationalization of everything deal again.  It won't work in the world we live in today . . . what company will want to share its profits with anyone from the Philippines. I mean, look at those damn clothes those Alphabet people were wearing in the flick.  Do you want to end up like that?"
    Aarron fired a hard look at me.  "Yes!  I am talking about my plans for internationalization of the space program as well as everything else.  No individual country can seriously convince its population that exploring outer space in a big way is more important that dealing with its own domestic problems."
    Vince snapped.  "That's it Aarron!  That's what has been vexing you?"
    Vexing?  "If you weren't aware of it Aarron, we don't care about taking care of those problems now, when we don't spend that much money on seriously exploring outer space.  Besides, space exploration is in many ways an extension of national soverignty.  If we were to explore space in a joint fashion, we would be saying that there is no reason to have national boundries on earth either . . . and no nation is going to do that."
    Vince added, "Besides, who wants to share the space babes with a bunch of foreigners."
    Aarron poured himself a drink.  "But obviously some people wanted this kind of team up to happen.  In fact, nearly every serious film on space exploration involves a level of jointness.  This was a sixties film.  We had gotten past the miopic us against the world view to a more humane view.  Unless it's one of those alien paranoia films like Independence Day. . ."
    "Like E.T."
    Uhhh.  "The point I am trying to make Vince, is that films like this show that a joint space program is a far better idea.  I mean the sharing of technology alone could advance us thrity years by the pooling of scientific knowledge and elimination of repetition."
    "Yeah so they can come up with some really cool stuff, like that stupid robot that played chess, or some really complicated steering wheel type of navigation system."
    Aarron snapped back, "Hey, you have to start somewhere."
    "And films like these have always shown us that.  Look at 2001.  It's supposed to be this great super computer and what does it do?  It tries to kill everyone that doesn't fit its neat little way of doing things.  How about that Milineum Falcon.  A super technological world with faster than light travel and people are still hitting machinery with hammers to make them work.  That's the future I want to be in.  Technology is always going nuts and wasting people.  International brotherhood is not going to make that problem dissapear.  Technology demands an every man for himself attitude.  Besides, do you think HAL had an instruction manual written in a dozen languages, including Swedish?  I think not."
    "If we were to have an international space program, there would be a standard language adopted to avoid those king of pitfalls Vince."
    "Tell that to Tchen Yu, or Orloff or Harringway."
    "Push the button Vince."

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