Time to Act Like a Democracy
May 1996's Debate

Aarron had three TV's lit off and was madly scribbling on a large pad of paper. On all of the idiot boxes were news reports of the current Israeli offensive against whoever had attacked them this time. CNN was giving a surprisingly Anti-Israel slanted report, but it wouldn't last. Worse than the TV's was Aarron, mumbling to himself, ranting about things I could not hear. Vince was lounging on the sofa and waved for me to come over.

"Stand clear Benson, he's on that Israel kick again."

"Great . . . do we have any beer?"

Vince tossed me a bottle of Sam Adams and I crashed in the love seat. I might as well get liquored up because sooner or later I would get trapped into another one of Aarron's great debates.


"Yes Aarron?"

"What happened after the allied coalition pushed the Iraqis out of Kuwait and had inflicted sufficient damage on the Iraqi war machine?"


"Come on Benson, you were there."

"I was in the Red Sea."

"Answer the question Benson."

Damn . . . well I tried to weasel out of it. "They stopped hostilities, allowing Saddam Hussein to remain in power."

"And why?"

Vince poked his head over the sofa. "Because George Bush was a wimp."

"Nice try pinhead, stick to killing brain cells with that crappy beer you're drinking." Graves turned back to me. "Well?"

"Because certain agreements had been made prior to hostilities restricting certain aspects of the resolution of the conflict. The status quo had been returned, i.e. Kuwait was liberated and United Nations Sanctions were enforced . . . in keeping with the "just war" tradition."

"You really did stay awake in Doctor Doolin's classes, didn't you?"

I ignored him.

"And do we know that Iran has openly supported terrorist groups?"

"Yes . . . as does Libya."

"Yet we haven't struck at Iran, correct?"

"Yes, but we did bomb Libya once or twice. It was the eighties and I was drunk a lot, so I'm not quite sure."

"Yes Benson, Reagan did order a couple of bombings but Libya remains a soverign nation . . . a nation unoccupied by any country, right?"

"Yes . . . where are you going with this?"

"Do you agree that a Democratic nation, specifically one founded on the grounds that people have an undeniable right to live free of oppression, tyrany and the open rule of another nation has to hold itself to a higher moral standard than those nations is rebelled from?"

"Yes . . . it's kind of the reason the United States came into being. The Declaration of Independence kind of makes a point about that."

"So in essence, do you agree that a Democratic nation does not simply stike out at foes at a whim, with no regard for innocent people, just because some nation pissed them off."


"Does this reasoning apply only to the United States?"


"And why?"

"Because Democracy is not something possessed soley by the U.S. It is an ideal embraced by people and nations seeking freedom and liberty and the right to believe or not believe in whatever religion they choose. I would think that the vents of the last ten years would make that obvious."

"Okay. So would I be wrong in thinking that a nation who invades another nation, with the self-centered purpose of ousting a third party group, without the concurrance of the nation being invaded, is unjust and contrary to how a Democratic nation would act?"

"I would say so."

"And would the necessity of calling upon UN troops to negotiate the resolution of this invasion, returning soverignty to the nation that had been invaded and protecting the third party that the invading nation sought, be additional justification to the contrariness to Democratic action?"

"Yes Aarron . . . where the hell are you going with this?"

Vince peeked up over the sofa again. "Here comes the money shot Benson, look out."

Aarron clasped his hands together. "So why then, would the United States, a democratic nation, the very nation that even with it's moments of moral bankrupcy, other democracies look to as the example to how just governments rule, coddle a nation that continually violates every principle of just, democratic rule?"

"Which nation would this be?"


I stood up. "Oh come on Aarron. What do you expect from a nation who has been under seige since its creation and had an entire religion openly advocate its destruction."

The Professor laughed. "Gee Benson, maybe you could examine the United States' history for the answer to that one. Up until the mid-1800's, we were threatened by Britain and Spain. Our ships were captured and sunk all around the world, nations did not recognize our soverignty . . . and don't forget the War of 1812. The Arab world has called for our nations destruction longer than they have for Israel. American citizens have been kidnapped and killed, just like Israelis, but did we yell 'screw it" and go in bombing and killing until that nation was erased from the map."


"Give me an example . . . please."

"Panama, Cuba, Vietnam, Mexico, Korea, Iraq, Libya . . . should I continue?"

"You might want to. Of the ones you named, only Cuba and Libya were incidents where we were retaliating for acts commited against us, not where we were called by the nation itself for aid. Additionally, you might not be aware of it but Cuba and Libya remain on the map, with the leaders still in power. But in 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon and entered East Beirut under the pretext of trying to reestablish Lebanon as an independent state. Of course this nation would be under the rule Christian Falangists. The went hunting the PLO and even took control of several Palestinian refugee camps, letting their Christian militia pals come in and resulted in the massacres of over 600 Palestinians and Lebanese."

"And when we zapped Kadafi's tents in the 80's, we killed innocents."

"Yes, but did we roll in, put its capital under siege, usurp the government. No, and the Congress and Senate loudly criticized the President for doing so. In fact I remember some Senator saying that 'we had lowered ourselves to the level of those we sought to punish.' Israel always tries to portray itself as some morally upright nation, but in reality they are terrorists who unjustly have the favor of the United States. Any nation, or leader who speaks too loudly against Israel gets labeled an anti-Semite, pushing those religious buttons to anger others and turn the negative opinions away from them. It's a weapon that has been used again and again. And the most morally criminal tool that nation uses is throwing down the World War II card evoking sympathy by screaming 'Remember the Holocaust!' The Concentration Camps were an inhumane act performed in war . . . nobody will argue that. But does anybody scream for the eleven million plus Russian civilians that died fighting the Nazi's in their own country . . . starved to death, executed? Does anyone feel sympathetic for a nation that, under the tyrant Stalin, had a hundred plus million people executed, imprisoned and starved to death? Does anyone lay direct blame on the Catholic Church for wiping out two entire cultures in South America through murder and disease? No. Nations suffer under the rule and whim of tyrants, and no matter what supposed rightious banner that tyrant cloaks himself in, he is a tyrant none the less."

"So when a nation violates the soverignty of another nation at will, kills innocent people, ussurps the justly empowered government, occupies territory not its own, maintains a hostile standing army within the borders of another nation, and fails to recognize the laws of the nation it occupies, they are a tyrannical nation that should be abhorred by any democratic nation, especially one who revolted for the very same reasons."

"So what are we supposed to do about it?"

"Sic Semper Tyranus Mister Benson."

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