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I'm Doctor Nagasaki Chen. Here at Grave-Diggers International, we like movies . . . a lot.  Nothing breaks the tedium of a long plane trip (or lecture by Aarron) than a movie.  I maintain the storehouse of entertainment media that the Professor brings when he and his associates go on their little adventures. We have Over 400 feature films on VHS, DVD, Laser Disc and VCD . . . Mmmmm Hong Kong bootlegs), plus a collection of television programs and cartoons. In this collection are the type of films that a lot of you have in your own collections.  There are the quality films that truly entertain, there are some that have won critical acclaim and there are simply rare ones. But the Professor as well as most of his associates have this strange obsession with bad films as well. An Academy Award winner will sit right next to a Raspberry Award winner.  Anyway, what I'm going to do for you is give you a taste of some of these films. I'll review them for you and give you some needless information.  If you are one of those people who gets pissed off when someone tells you how a movie went, then leave now because that is exactly what I do.
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