My Twisted Side Of The World
    Some psychiatrists say that my family is dysfunctional, but they don't know them as well as I do. What follows are a collection of little stories about my youth.  Yes, my family is a very interesting lot.  In many ways, they are more interesting than me.  Does that bother me, hell no!  They make for some of the best stories.  Screwed up or not, we are still a family.  No divorces, no secrets and no identifiable bodies (daddy taught us well).
Stories From My Family

The Litany Of My Injuries
The Wasp Story
Good Natured Brawling
The Snake in the Well
Redneck Christmas
Moving From Washington
The Rock Fight
You Broke My Nose
Fourth Of July
Get Your Ass To Work
Fighting Over A Cookie
Dad Is A Ninja
Sibling Drinking

My Family
My Mother (Kitty)
My Father (Carl)
My Brother (David)
My Sister-In-Law (Dawn)
My Brother's Kids (Hans, Emmie, Conner & Ashley)
My Grandmother (Marge)
My Grandfather (Greig)
My Aunt & Uncle (Kate & George)
My Cousins (Beth, Mary Kate, and George)
Dad's Relatives
Navy Stories
CNFJ Cockroaches
My 32nd Birthday
Reporting To Japan
My Navy

My Sailors From NSGA Naples
My Friends From The Philippine Sea
My Buddies From Japan
Shipmates From Hawaii

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