About My NSGA Naples Sailors

This is a good deal of the gang on top of Mount Vesuvius. (Top: Derek, Me, Todd and Jay.  Bottom: Ashley, Paul, Tai and Angela.  The No shows were Brian, Jeff (the climb would have killed him) and Colette.  Todd, Derek and Angela all reenlisted that day.

This was the night of the USO Show with Wayne Newton.  On the left is Jeff with a beer and Angela is on the right.  In the back you can see Jeff's girlfriend Ambra.  Though she's a Radioman, we'll let her hang out with us.

Ashley, Rod and Tai at the USO Show.  Rod had left the section to be a day worker, but he is still a cool guy.  The player finally looks like he can play.

Derek . . . Drunk . . . Who would have suspected.

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