Issue 7: Going Back To School - Part III

    Here's some of what you will see if you E-Mail me and have me send you the ZIP file of Issue 7.

    This is the third and final part of the back to school series, and it is a banner issue in the evolution of Space Ninja.  First off, I get serious about making the Ninja the hero. Second I make a serious effort to create better stories as well as develop (or kill) characters.
Doctor Octogon Tells  A StoryWe start with Doctor Octagon telling his main lackey Red Ninja a little about himself (I never said my attempts to develop characters would be subtle). He tells the story about the Kaibab temple taking in two blonde haired, blue eyed half Japanese kids into the temple. He also tells of how he quickly surpassed Space Ninja in ranking, but started doing criminal deeds and was kicked out of the temple, his training incomplete.
    He later leads a raid on the temple and we see some That's Gonna Leave A Markgood fight scenes which culminates in him killing the master of the time. He also notes that he was beaten by The Ninja, having his arms and legs cut off.  Yet he survived and was taken to an American scientist named Klein Kalvin (I know), who was the leader of the Hiroshima Mutant Brigade. He patterned himself after Doctor Octopus and in true Japanese style copied the idea (and made it better) taking on the name Doctor Octagon. He then rants and raves about being continually beaten by Space Ninja, but now that he knows his identity, he has sent the Evil Ninja's to kill him once and for all.
Lamenting The Loss Of A Flower (How Japanese)Jump to Space Ninja's pad where he and the Master are having tea and are attacked by Green Ninja, Blue Ninja and Yellow Ninja. Serious ass kicking ensues. Yellow Ninja gets a door slammed in his face, then gets his leg cut off by the blue blazing sword he got in the last issue. Green Ninja dies quickly with a sword slash to the chest (or so it seems, this is a serious continuity mess that shows up later in the series). Hey, Even Ninja's Have To Get AroundBlue Ninja gets his ass kicked by the master, but is used to get information on the location of Doctor Octagon.  Apparently Ninjas have been able to keep the secrets of their art for hundreds of years but are quickly willing to spill the beans of the location of their master based on simple threats.
    Anyway, they head there in a cab that is not driven by the regular guy, but rather a Mr. T look alike in a pink pimp mobile cab. I drew this bit right after I Pity The Fool Who Can Understand ThisI had seen D.C. Cab with the same actor in it. It was a stupid flick then, and is a stupid flick now . . . I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I did it. Oh and there are two pages of filler material. One of them involved a skit with talking bowling pins. It's amazing that I came up with this stuff sober.  The second page was a planned team-up between Justice Incorporated and the Terrific 10, but it never happened beyond the cover that we drew.
    So Space Ninja and the Master are in the base while at the same time, Doctor Octagon is chatting it up with Samurai Sam, explaining this fabulous death method he has designed for our fat friend. It involved a room being built of chromium steel and the firing of a high density ball that would bounce around and beat the victim to death. Sam lets him know that he is in trouble because the Ninja went back to japan to complete his training, and Doctor Octagon is truly worried.  He sends Red Ninja, Pink Ninja and Orange Ninja to kill him.
Bricks Are HeavyThe Ninja knocks out some cameras and then knocks out Pink Ninja by crushing his skull. Red and Orange Ninja hide while The Ninja and the Master confront Octagon.  The Doctor tries to hold him at bay by informing him of the trap Sam is in.  Then he shoots Space Ninja and with X's in his eyes, he is slammed into a wall.  At the same time, Red Realizing The ObviousNinja slices the Master in the back and everyone realizes that this was a fatal mistake. The Ninja awakes and goes on a killing spree.  First he kicks the crap out of Orange Ninja and then busts the skull of Red Ninja. he then sets his sights on Octagon and cuts one of his arms off.  It is at this point that we see that the Ninja is going to kill the Doctor, but the villain makes one of those "Good Guys don't kill bad guys" pleas and the Ninja buys it and then gets his ass shot again by Octagon. Octagon reminds the Ninja that bad guys always play dirty.  He ten gloats and launches this ball thingy and it starts beating the crap out of Sam.  It's ironic, when I thought up this device and up until the point where I drew it on paper, I thought it was a pretty cool way to kill someone.  But after I drew the frame, The Old Good Guys Don't Kill PloyI realized that it was quite stupid and tried to compensate by drawing the frame to the left.  Well at least I was honest with myself.
    Needless to say, Doctor Octagon escapes and the police and fire departments arrive.  Space Ninja gives the cYes It Was A Stupid Ideaop (ironically a "Find The Tilley" sighting) the information on the scene, quote "I'll tell you what you got. One dead Evil Ninja, Three wounded Evil Ninja's, a dead Master, and my dead sidekick. Now get out of my way, I'm in a bad mood." He also informs the cop that there are two more back at Sushi Slash's apartment (dead or alive, unknown). Anyway, Slash gets evicted because the manager doesn't want trouble and we meet police Lieutenant Hextler for the first time.  Trust me, this is an important meeting. The Lt. informs him that the two Ninja's at Slash's house were indeed killed and that the police were charging the Ninja with MURDER, not self defense. He Is The Law
    Sushi has to go get the body of Samurai Sam from the mortuary to send it back to Japan. Along the way he runs into his favorite cab driver who calls the Ninja a hero.  He's such a nice guy and will also play a role in later issues. He also stops by the police station , as Space Ninja and is informed that because of several circumstances, the murder charges were being dropped, but that Hextler would be keeping an eye on the Ninja.  The Ninja sends Sam off to Japan and then moves into his new apartment where he meets a hot chick (limited by my inability to draw descriptive facial features) named Candy who informs him that they are neighbors. She also passes on some other information.
    The End!
    However I'm going to try and sum the Evil Ninja thing up (or not) because a lot of these guys show up later, even some of the dead ones.

Green Ninja
Dead (Chest Cut Open Frame 31)
Yellow Ninja
Dead (Leg Cut Off Frame 33)
Blue Ninja
Alive (Unconscious at Frame 72)
Pink Ninja
Possibly Dead (Skull Crushed Frame 67)
Orange Ninja
Alive (Kick To Chin Frame 89)
Red Ninja
Possibly Dead (Crushed Skull Frame 91)

    So either Red or Pink Ninja was the Ninja that was killed at Doctor Octagon's hideout. But later Red shows up, so it can be assumed that it was pink. The reason that this seems like a problem is because Green Ninja shows up later, so the numbers are all out of line.

    So what's in store for Issue 8? Well to start, The Ninja goes back to Japan to bury the Master. We get the return of Gold Dragon. There is much ass kicking going on, and the graphics are starting to get better. Plus! A new job, a girlfriend, an overzealous cop after The Ninja, talking ghosts and the beginning of a change in the Ninja's attitude towards fighting criminals.

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