Issue 6: Going Back To School - Part II

    Here's some of what you will see if you E-Mail me and have me send you the ZIP file of Issue 6.

    So here we have part two of the three part "Going Back To School" series. So what is the point of the whole thing. Well to start off, these issues signal the beginning of a shift in the series. Space Ninja is finally the main character in the film, a definite change to the "title character in a supporting role" deal of the past. Secondly, I start attempting to truly develop the characters in the stories. English Spaking Cab Driver, Who KnewGranted this character development can be used as padding for the numerous flaws in both story and creativity. The point is that things are starting to get better.  Oh, and so is the drawing. I only wished the text scanned better.  I'm working on it.
    So Space Ninja has landed in the fake-named Japanese city of Kaibab. Why Kaibab, for some reason I had garden mulch on my brain when I came up with it and like many annoying things, it stayed with me. I could have called it anything because it all looks the same any way. Anyway a Japanese taxi driver (who speaks perfect English) drops him off at Temple Kaibab at the top of a hill with a paved (and lined) road leading to it.  There we meet a guy dressed in black who everyone is calling master. The Master SpeaksThis guy is obviously the master of the Temple. Of course, the Ninjas in training there do not recognize Space Ninja, mostly due to the fact that he looks like a dork.
    The Master intervenes in the situation, informing them that he is truly a Ninja and that he is the only one of the seven that were sent to the United States that hasn't been corrupted by evil.  Of course he attributed this mostly to the fact that even though he is an idiot, he is a good fighter.  All swords and no brains. The Ninja watches some sparring and then talks with the master about the situation of the Evil Ninjas. The master tells him a goofy story about how the Ninja clans spilt in the old days.  At the time I wrote it, seemed pretty cool, but on reflection now, seems plain stupid.

Ass Kicking In Action

    Then I start with this GONG sound effect gag that will linger for too many issues, even for my tastes. So Sushi goes off to do some meditation and during that meditation runs into a red bird that Sushi can understand for some reason unexplained.  I mean for crying out loud, he has a hard time understanding simple clues left by villains, and now he is talking to a bird. I was obviously drunk when I came up with that idea. Naturally he reverts to his inherent stupidity when he kicks the Master who tells him that he needs to do some refresher training, which he does.
    Tag TeamI'm serious, he does.
    No really.
    He snaps some guys kneecap and his pole, then breaks another guys shoulder, all doing Kung-Fu . . . no toys or nothing. Then he beats the shit out of this orange ninja with a pole, fracturing the dudes skull, then, just as the action is warming up, I cut away to three pages on Ninja News/EBC Excitement padding that involves talking about other comics that I was going to do and never did like "Tales of Old Justice Incorporated" and a six issue series called "I'm Sam, Who Are You." The Justice Incorporated issues probably would have been better, but later on in the series, the whole thing becomes a moot point. However, within this padding, I made some confessions about the problems in the comic book as well as some information I found out about what I can and cannot do in a comic book. Now keep in mind, this was 1985 and I got all of this information from a guy named Mackey who worked at a comic book store in Las Vegas called Page After Page. As a side note, a lot of people who played Dungeons and Dragons hung out there . . . creepy.
    Back to the ass kicking, the Ninja cuts some dude up with some Sai's and then nails some blue ninja with throwing stars. This was supposed to be practice, but due to a gaping whole in the plot, he kills them and it's okay. Overweight, Groucho Marx, Samurai Idiots (Next on Fox Kids)Finally, he has to fight the two top Ninjas, whom the Master says are better fighters than Sushi. Space ninja whoops up on both of them making the Masters supposed wisdom questionable.
    While this is going on, we cut back to Surf City (I still didn't have a clue) where Samurai Sam has disguised himself and is again following the Evil Ninja. Again they discover that Sam is following them and this time they catch him and take him to Doctor Octagon. There the bad doctor makes it quite clear that he is going to use the ninjas sidekick as bait.
    Back at the temple, the Master spouts of some more philosophy and then presents the Ninja with some special weapons, which seemed to be pretty cool when I came up with them, but with the exception of the battle pole, and the blue light sword Look At All Of This Groovy Stuffare never used in another issue. I must also point out that the sword gets dropped before I introduce Doktor Apokalypse and have to figure out how to explain my way out of it. The battle pole was actually a kick ass weapon, that becomes the Ninja's standard tool. It was a way of moving him away from his historically bloody way of doing business. Hell, I even sat down and drew up detailed specs for the whole thing which you can check out back on the Main Comic Page.
    So Space Ninja and the Master set off for America. There I get a chance to do one of my favorite type of comic book bits which is the lots of people and stuff going on bit. I guess this dates What Is The Deal With That Shirt?back to those damn Richard Scary books where there was so much shit going on, you'd never be able to catch everything that was drawn. It's really sad the things people obsess over. Anyway, I try for some "Master is wise" lessons in life bits involving a neck snapping joke . . . doesn't go over very well. Then I get desperate and pick on the airlines. All in all, a pretty sad page worth of effort. Anyway, there is some in flight conversations and then they get to New York. Hell I've seen Spiderman milk an airline flight alone into three issues, but not me, I have integrity (and no talent to achieve that greatness).
Ick!  At the same time (?), Samurai Sam is being tortured by Doctor Octagon for information, but Sam is defiant. Then, because I have him designed as a buffoon, he spills the beans on who Space Ninja is, and Doctor Octagon sends the Evil Ninja off to kill Sushi. What a dork.
    Oh and that was the end of Issue 6.
    So what's in store for Issue 7? Well first off you get a skull and crossbones on the cover. You get the past of Doctor Octagon (as weak as it is) and lots of Ninja ass kicking. You get to see Mr. T driving a cab, and people getting killed.  It is the most fighting seen in any issue (in fact there is more fighting than in the 6 previous issues). To top it off, two dudes get killed! Oh yeah, that's the stuff.

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