Issue 3: The Secret Of Coilman

    Here's some of what you will see if you E-Mail me and have me send you the ZIP file of Issue 3.

Coilman Dreams Of Doctor Octogon  The story starts with Coilman sleeping and he is having bad dreams.  He is haunted by Doctor Octagon and reveals that his computer brain is vulnerable to attack.  The next morning, he snaps on Space Ninja so he decides to go to a psychic to see if she can help him find a way to block out his memory from the Doctor.  Why a psychic, how the hell should I know.  I guess I was jumping on the mind reader helping us with completely useless things bandwagon long before Dionne Warwick.

    To get help, first he has to tell her about his past (how convenient).  Turns out he was a test pilot for one of Doctor Octagon's companies.  he pulled a Steve Austin and crashed his experimental jet. Where The Hell Are My Arms!When he awoke there's Doctor Octagon informing Coilman, whose identity was revealed as a Captain named Mason.  His legs and arms had to be amputated because of the damage from the crash and as replacements, he got these springs (kind of a crappy deal, but then look at Octagon).  It also turns out that part of his brain was damaged and was replaced by a computer.  He was turned into an evil lackey of Doctor Octagon, committing crimes until the Doc's power was overridden by an electric shock from the Human Electrode.  Just as he was about to finish his story, Octagon takes over and he trashes the psychics shop.

    A little side note here, you may have noticed that the art in this issue is better than the last two.  This is deceptive.  The original issue 3 got really soaked by water and the ink ran everywhere.  This happened just after I finished doing issue 6.  So I re-drew issue 3.  The story was exactly the same, just the art was better.  Issue 4 will show the reversion to the previous inexperienced art.

The Trouble Alert    Colonel Rieley SpeaksAs I have said previously, I tended to lift things from other comics.  There are still lifts in this issue, but number three also shows the start of my attempts to have original characters and the dumping of rip-off characters.  Speaking of lifts, the Trouble Alert goes off and this is where we get our first glimpse of Colonel Riley, head of the New York National Guard and the intermediary between Justice Incorporated and the government . . . the people who hold the purse strings.  He informs JI that Coilman is tearing the place up.  The Crimson Cape reveals to Space Ninja some more of Coilman's past and they head off in the JI Jet Coptor to try and help.

Coilman Beats Up A CopCoilman Wrecks Army Jeep    And man is he trashing the place.  First he beats up on the police then he rips into the National Guard.  Bullets fly, but Coilman bails, heading back to Doctor Octagon, before JI can arrive.  When The Ninja and the Cape arrive, they are berated by the cops, the National Guard and the public in general.  It gets to the point where there are protesters outside Justice Incorporated headquarters.

    As part of my plan to get rid of knock-off and generally useless characters, Aerobic Woman informs the crimson The Chaos Corps In A MeetingCape that she is leaving Justice Incorporated.  Then we cut to Doctor Octagon's headquarters where he is welcoming Coilman back to the fold and begins to outline a plan for the Chaos Corps to destroy Space Ninja.  Among the other members are Beetlemania, Nevada Test Site Man and Flamethrower.  Oh, did I mention that Beetlemania and Coilman do not get along.  The actually get into a fight where I drew just fists flying in a dust cloud.

 So the bad guys attack Justice Incorporated's headquarters, and for once, the heroes have a good fight.  Space Ninja actually kicks some ass, and we see that the Ace Archer Takes A ShotCrimson Cape, in addition to having his Nitro Bolos (as seen in issue 2), has a cool foil that shoots electricity (see the plot point coming) Flamethrower Gets Shockedand knocks out Flamethrower with it.  Nevada Test Site Man nails Ace Archer (still a weak knock-off), and Coilman does a comical ramming through three walls bit.  Again, like in issue 2, Samurai Sam is the only one who can contain NTS Man.  Lightning Bolt gets the old "zapped backwards with x's in the eyes" treatment in this issue and I show the fact that I love to use the cheesy sound effect ala 60's Batman fights.  I then turn around and not five frames later, do it to Space Ninja, but this time I have the deaths head cloud hanging over an "apparently" dead Ninja.  Thus assuming him dead, Doctor His name Is Actually Lightning BoltOctagon orders the Chaos Corps to leave while the leaving is good.

Coilman Gets Shocked But before they can role, the Crimson Cape zaps coily with his sword and restores Coilman's self-will.  Coilman threatens to kill Doctor Octagon, but Beetlemania, under the direction of Octagon caves in the ceiling and the Chaos Corps escapes.  However, I cannot fail to mention that they left behind one of my trademark BIG BOMBS, with skulls and crossbones painted on them.  Oh yeah.  Did I mention that the Ninja isn't dead. Anyway, Colonel Riley helps That's A HUGE Bomb!defuse the bomb and we see that Coilman is leaving Justice Incorporated, off to see a Doctor Klein Kalvin (yeah I know).  Originally I was just going to get rid of him this way, but later on in the series, I brought him back (sentimental fool), largely based on the role that this Doctor Kalvin would play as the series continued.

    So what's in store for Issue 4?  Well, we see the introduction of a new Hero, who I originally thought was pretty cool.  There is also a new villain, who will develop into a pretty cool bad guy as the series continues.  I think the biggest surprise in issue four is the fact that Ace Archer actually does some fighting.

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