Issue 2: A Time To Live, A Time To Die

    Here's some of what you will see if you E-Mail me and have me send you the ZIP file of Issue 2.  Now keep in mind, the graphics were pretty crappy, but I was learning.  Anyway, here's the summary that won't spoil the deal too much.Sure As Hell Ain't Six Flags
    We see that Space Ninja and Samurai Sam are taking a little vacation at Wacko World (aka Disneyland).  This is a real literary jab of mine.  I hate Disney.  Anyway, Sam humps most of the baggage, but that's what sidekicks are for.
    While they are on the Splaterhorn ride, some green guy with suction cups all over him takes some hostages and uses racially disparaging remarks.  He announces himself as Beetlemania, a mutant and wants money and some kids ears.

He then grabs a guy with a nacho motif sombrero on (yeah, I went for the quick stereotypes in this one).  The bad guy Not The Ricky The Rat Ears!dumps the Hispanic dude but Sam uses his gravity control power to save the guy.  Space Ninja throws a smoke bomb and changes.  He tries to cut Beetlemania, but instead he has to Kung-Fu Beetlemania Getting Smughis ass.  But as will become quite the norm for the rest of the Space Ninja, I went for the trite "bad guy gets away so there can be a grudge match later" plot thickener.
    Speaking of thickener, this is the first issue where I stick in EBC TV filler pages.  If you were to look back The EBC Gangon it today without knowing the facts, it would seem like shrewd cross marketing of other material, but really it was because I knew the story was thin.  You do get to see some of the characters that were involved on some of my other non-Graves, non-Ninja projects.
    So the Giant Robot My Eye!Mexican dude offers the Ninja and Sam free tickets to the Captain Nemo submarine ride and it is at that point that he spots a giant four armed robot bent on ruining our heroes vacation (sorry about the ink smudge on the eye).  This robot trashes the sub but the Ninja and Sam get out to kick some butt. Here you'll see another common Space Ninja gimmick.  The Ninja gets his ass blasted andHork! he flies backward with his tongue sticking out and little X's for eyes.  So again Samurai Sam has to save the hero.  Yes I know this is very un-sidekick like, but the original characters seemed to get more action that the lifted one (guilt?).  Unfortunately, Sam's powers are not quite enough and this is where the Mexican guy reveals his true colors.
 The Crimson Cape, Ariba!He is actually the Crimson Cape, a guy who would develop into one of my favorite characters during the time he appeared and plays an integral role in the future of the Ninja.  Of course at this time in the Ninja story, he was more a comic relief guy (i.e. the Mariachi band bit).  But using his Nitro Bolos, The Mariachi Bandhis assistance enables the Ninja and Sam to whip the robot.  Oh and I actually use the sound effect FARDOOM.
    We get our first glimpse of Nevada Test Site Man breaking the bad news to his boss.  Granted he has a crappy name, but when I created this guy playing Marvel Super Heroes, he was pretty cool.  Doctor Octagon (who was mentioned in the first issue) Breaking The Newsis not pleased with the news.  One thing that may not have been my intent originally, but upon reflection turns out to have truly been a groovy development was the fact that tJerk!he bulk of my villains were wise asses.
    Space Ninja, Samurai Sam and the Crimson cape all go and have a beer. The Cape asks the two of them to join the super hero group that he is the boss of called Justice Incorporated.  Now I am well aware now that there was a group called that, but at the time I did not know this (nor did I care).
    Of course, the next morning, the Ninja wakes up late for his meeting with the Cape, and in traditional Space Ninja "fill the gaps in the plot" fashion, a Proton Ninja lackey is sent to kill him.  This ones name is Bullseye.  Now before you jSam Needs No More Beerump me on this one, he was not a rip off villain, it just turns out there was a Marvel guy of the same name.  And as always, the killer fails and is forced to spill the beans as Cheesy Bow & Arrow Guyto the location of the bosses hideout.  So he heads to the hideout and cuts up a villain named Fixit.  It was supposed to be a lift of the villain Fixer, but I really didn't know what that guy looked like so I made this villain out of tools.  He gets a total of one frame in the whole issue and is killed in that frame.  Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it.
    In comes Hideout Villain # 2, Scorpio, a blatant rip off of the Scorpion in every possible way, except he shoots plasma energy from his tail instead of that corrosive poison/acid stuff.  Here is where "getting blasted Oooff!backwards" shot number two plays out.  So again he has to be saved by his pals.  The Crimson Cape cuts off Scorpio's tail and Sam immobilizes him with his gravity power.  The Ninja again gets a chance to kick a real bad guys ass, but his sword doesn't affect Nevada Test Site Man because he can destabilize his molecules.  Oh and he gets shot in the back by Beetlemania and passes out.Again!
    So Space Ninja wakes up at Justice Incorporated and meets Aerobic Woman, who, like several other members of JI never got seen very much and never showed what powers she had.  The other members of JI not already mentioned are Red Raider, an medium level Iron man rip off except for the fact that he was an android.  Lightning Bolt, who was a mild level rip off in that there are several super heroes that use lightning. Ace Archer, who is a high level rip off of HawkeyeCoilmanbut as the Ninja story progressed, he would develop his own style.  Lastly is Coilman, who may not seem like a rip off, but in effect, he was the worst lift of all of the members of JI.  If you remember the Herculoids cartoons that often went along with Space Ghost, sometimes they would show a cartoon called "The Impossibles" where one of the three heroes was, you guessed it, Coilman.
It's Instantman While the Ninja is meeting the members of Justice Incorporated, Samurai Sam is taking the captured Scorpio to the World Prison for Super Villains (WPSV) and the guards show off their protective measures.  On the flight back, the plane is hijacked, but the terrorist allows Sam and some other guy to go to the bathroom. As Sam is changing, this other guy also turns into a hero called Instantman (!) who never really seemed to show any powers except that he could catch a relayed hand grenade from Sam and flush it down the airplane toilet before is exploded.
    That Aint No Cherry BombAnd that is pretty much it.  You get eight heroes (not counting the Mariachi Band) and six villains (not counting the giant robot and the terrorist) in one issue, better than Secret Wars.
    What's coming up in Issue 3?  An ally turns into an enemy, a secret past is revealed, and we get to meet Colonel Riley.  Plus a lot of stuff is destroyed.

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