Issue 10: Magnetic Personality

    Here's some of what you will see if you E-Mail me and have me send you the ZIP file of Issue 10.
    This issue is a banner issue in the history of Space Ninja.  First off, the art is starting to gel.  I spent a lot of time on the cover in order to create a really nice one.  There is some perspective and some background.  Another thing about this issue is that I discover that, even though it is not Stan Lee quality art, it is better than others.  The reason I say this is because a half a page was drawn by a friend of mine named Mark Colvin.  The issue itself takes time to develop some non-superhero characters, especially the character Hack, the cab driver.  Hack has a role.  Additionally, the Lt. Hextler character and his antagonism towards the Ninja is expanded.  Finally, I create a villain who is fairly capable . . . in other words, a good bad guy.
Positor Is Back  We pick up where we left off in the last issue after Positor has escaped from Rykers Island.  He has picked up some of his gear that he had hidden in one of Doctor Octagon's many hideouts and is now gunning for the Ninja.  Meanwhile back at Sushi Slash's apartment, I continue to milk out the sad "reporter-for-the-Daily Bugle" bit with Jameson ranting.  This gig is almost done with, but it festers for a few more issues.  Essentially, why would a Ninja be working?  The Ninja finds out that Positor has escaped and that he will be looking for him.  Why that would be, I do not know.  The fact of the matter is that Positor, having appeared in issue 4, should have been looking for Thunderball.
Early Withdrawl May Incur Substantial Penalty  Anyway, Positor goes right back to what got him captured in the first place . . . robbing banks.  I do the "bad guy gets in line and waits to hold up the cashier" bit.  Like I've said before, the oldest bits are the best.  During this time, he uses his magnetic powers to take the gun and badge from a guard.  Unlike issue 4, I don't have the pants drop.  Then the cops are called and Lt. Hextler tries to get assistance from S.H.I.E.L.D but is turned down, so he heads the attempt to capture the villain.  This results in more public property being damaged.  Space Ninja arrives just after all of the action is over (the norm), finding out where the action was by means of a compass.  Pretty cheesy.
Ow!  At Positor's hideout, Magnenson is watching Action News 11 where the reporter, drawn to look like Geraldo Rivera is talking about the history of the villain, punctuating the report by calling him an idiot.  Needless to say, the villain is angry and sets off to get the man.  However, just as he was getting ready to leave, the Ninja shows up because he knows where a lot of Octagon's old hideouts are as well.  A fight ensues where the Ninja uses the battle pole, but because it has metal in it, Positor turns it against him.  Smoke bombs are used and it is looking like a good fight when I Courtesy Of Mark Colvincut away to EBC Excitement, which involves the cast and crew trying to give Tilley a bath.  The reason I mention this is because on the next page, the guest artist starts.  The dialogue is weak, the art crappy, and in general, I realize it was a mistake.  Then again, it looked a lot like issues 1-5 so who am I to complain.  Besides, I should feel a little bit flattered that someone else would want to draw for me.  So the guest artist lasts six frames out of nine on a single page.  Needless to say, Positor escapes, but he loses all of the money he stole from the bank.
    While Positor begins making some modifications on his Magno-Braclets, the Ninja returns the money to Lt. Hextler, who again gives the Ninja a hassle.  Our hero then catches a ride from Hack, the cabbie.  During their conversation, we learn that his name is Joe, but he prefers to be called Hack.  At home, the normal life again eludes the Ninja when his TV burns out and he misses the Equalizer (you know, the great CBS show about the old guy who helps people).
Demolition Derby    In order to make some more cash, Positor decides to attack a random person . . . which turns out to be Hack.  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Plot Convenience Theatre.  Now I want to pause here right now to say that the frame to your left is one that I'm really proud of.  It's probably one of the best frames ever drawn in the Space Ninja comic. POWERDRIVE!!The real pleasure that I take in this frame is that it did not take me a long time to do.  The cover of this issue took me three hours.  In fact all of the well drawn shots in the series took a long time.  To tell the truth, I cranked out one of these a month and to be honest, it took that long to draw each issue.  Anyway, the smashed cab is my favorite.
    Hack gets his anger groove on and attacks the villain with a wrench.  Naturally the wrench gets taken from him by Positor's magnetic powers, but he gets in a good shot he calls a "Powerdrive" which he states he learned on Hulk Hogan's Rock and Wrestling (it was a crappy cartoon that ran on NBC in the late 80's).  Even with the power of the Hulkster, he gets his ass beat, but before he can be put down, the Ninja shows up and proceeds to put the lock on the bad guy.  He uses the exploding grapnel on Positor, but almost gets too cocky (imagine that) and nearly gets nailed by the special modifications the villain made to his equipment. He dodges a few but takes one.  It isn't too bad and using a flash bomb, temporarily blinds Positor.  Using this incapacitation, the Ninja slams the bad gut into a brick wall and the battle is over.
    The cops show up and take the bad guy away.  Naturally, Positor threatens to kill the Ninja.  Hack is really bummed out about his cab, wondering how he will be able to support his family with his cab destroyed.  But being the nice guy that he is, he invites the Ninja to dinner to meet his family and the Ninja accepts.  Later, Slash gets a $700 paycheck for the report on the battle.  Now I know this would never happens because freelance newspaper writers get paid by the column inch and not much at that, but hey, this is a friggin comic book.
    If you couldn't see this one coming, the Ninja has a lovely dinner with Hack and his family including a conversation about his financial woes.  The issue ends with the Ninja giving a car to Hack.  Hey, sometimes I'm an old softy . . . a cheesy softy.

    So what can you expect to see in issue 11?  The return of Doctor Octagon, Beetlemania and an Evil Ninja.  A fantastic assault on Rykers Island!  Lieutenant Hextler's past.  A new super villain named Blaster . . . plus plenty of action.

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