Issue 1: Born In East Tokyo

Ninja's In Training
    We see that Space Ninja is just one of many ninjas and they are better at it than he.  The master of the temple sends each of the ninjas to different American cities to fight crime (Yellow Ninja got sent to Pahrump Nevada).  For some reason I had the master send the Ninja to New York.  Anyway he flies there, finds a place to live and meets this guy dressed in purple silk robes (no, not Prince).
    The guy calls himself Samurai Sam, and he was an original, not a character knock-off. He is fat, and kind of dumb and was basically there for comic relief and plot thickening.  Anyway, soon we have three Proton Ninja lackeys (TNT, Bazooka Boy and Rifleman) looking to kill the Ninja.  I must emphasize that they are lackeys, therefore don't count as full on villains.  Lackey is one of my favorite comic book words, but it has fallen out of favor because of changing times. It's Samuri SamNot with me.  Two of them do something stupid and take each other out.  Please note that Bazooka Boy did not actually die, and later on in the series he shows up as Blaster. I tell you this because I never really made this plot point clear ever.  The third assassin (Rifleman) He Slices, He Dicescauses a chase scene without cars.  But he eventually gets sliced like a halibut at a Sushi bar by the Ninja.
    Meanwhile, Sam gets a call from some guy who actually has "Lackey" written on his helmet, telling him that if he wants to help Space Ninja, he has to be at Freedom Park 3 O'Clock in the afternoon It's Bomb Number One!(ironically, Sam's watch says 2:56 pm)  But this is New York and like in the movies, a cab can get anywhere in that time.(??).  Sam hauls ass there and discovers that there is a big bomb ready to go off.  Now here is a true break, from your standard deal, Sam doesn't know how to disarm the bomb.  Instead he scatters the people, the bomb goes off and he uses his previously un-mentioned ability to shape gravity to stop the falling building.  Cool huh?  Then there is another crappy foot chase and this is where Garbage Can SamSam becomes the comic relief guy.  I actually have a "Super Hero" doing a balancing act on a garbage can like some bad Warner Brothers cartoon.  Oh and Space Ninja kills the bomber by literally stabbing him in the back (he is a Ninja after all).
    Naturally Sam wonders why after only a few days in the states, lots of people are trying to kill him.  Space Ninja explains the story of how Up Side The HeadDoctor Octagon, leader of the Proton Ninja was once a member of his Ninja clan, but went bad and led a rebellion.  many people were killed, but Octagon was horribly disfigured, as in arms and legs cut off.  Octagon wants revenge (isn't that always the way).
    Somehow, the Ninja gets a package with a video tape in it.  Morbid, the Chief Lackey of the Proton Ninja makes some threats and shows off some hostages so the Ninja takes action.  As a side note, one of the hostages Tilley Is Foundwas part of a game we all developed called "Find The Tilley," our boss at EBC.  The deal was that in every issue, you had to find him.  He was a scrubby looking cat who always wore sunglasses.  Pretty stupid when I look back on it.
    Dumb AssSo the Ninja, alone for some reason, assaults the headquarters of the Proton Ninja.  At first he does it quite ninja-like, but then gets caught like a complete idiot, but in reality, that's exactly how it played out when we were playing that Role Playing Game.  But like all villains, Morbid does not shoot him outright.  Instead he plants a bombAnother Damn Bomb!.  I love planting bombs, and the theme will carry on throughout the series.  Like I said earlier, I was always bothered by the fact that the good guys always defused the bomb, no Space Ninja was just as rock stupid as Samurai Sam in the bomb area.  In the end he saves the hostages and gets It's Not Easyout of the building in the nick of time (hey, I can't violate all of the super hero formulas).
    I want you to take note of the fact that even though the Ninja is wearing a mask, you can see his cheesy smile.  Now I could say that I did this intentionally to show the skull-like sense of the Ninja, thereby signifying death, but in reality, I did it to attempt to depict some semblance of emotion from the Ninja.  Of course, I like the skull analogy now, so there.

    So what's in store for issue 2?  Let me summarize.  We finally see Doctor Octagon. Real super villains Scorpio (Scorpion rip-off), Fixit (Rip-off in name only) and Beetlemania.  Plus there is a giant robot thrashing a theme park.  But there's more!  Terrorists! Instantman© and Aerobic Woman.  Plus a hero who developed into one of my favorites . . . The Crimson Cape.  Oh and a better story line.

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