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    This comic is just one of the many works by Evan Dorkin. It used to be known as Pirate Corp$. Now he has done other work, like Milk & Cheese, and Dork as well as the Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures comic books for Marvel, but I think the work in PC/HP is the best. He also does some work on Space Ghost Coast To Coast.  Pirate Corp$/Hectic Planet is just well written and funny to read. The site linked to the logo is just a sub-site of Evan's work. You should check it all out and learn there is more to him than "Dairy Products Gone Bad."

Wolff & Byrd

    Now I ran across this comic book when I was on a kick to collect as much Evan Dorkin work that I could. I think it was the Mundens Bar annual. Anyway, these mags are a mix of legal satire and good old fashioned monster stories. The site that the logo links you to is the publisher, Exhibit A Press.

    First off, this is not an official site that the logo links to, in fact I don't think there is an official site. It's just a fan site, which is for the best.  Michael T. Gilbert created this character and it is one of my favorites. The truth is, the style is very fifties, and like Wolff & Byrd, monsters are getting their asses whipped.

    This series ran under the Now Comics title, and doesn't run any more. It is a simple mag, it's about this guy who went mad. It's also about heavy drinking, mild drug abuse, a talking lizard, and an evil scientist named Doctor Goot. It's the simplicity of these stories and their attraction to me because they stir so many fond memories (what few are left) of my teens and early twenties. The site is another fan site and is pretty good.

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