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Greetings Wardogs!
If you are at this page you are either a Plankowner of the greatest Cruiser ever commissioned or you are interested in learning about the USS Philippine Sea (CG-58).
First off, I'm CTOC(SW)(ret) Greig B. Tilley, a Plankowner on that ship (core nucleus).  I reported there April 15th 1988 as a Seaman Apprentice and was among the first 60 people to report onboard.  I was the first CT there and spent most of my time at the Det in Norfolk.
The main reason I have posted this page is due to the fact that that ship was my first duty station and left with me some of the fondest memories I have had in the Navy.  During the time I was on that ship and to this day I have taken great pride in her.  Since I left, I keep track of her and the crew that she served.
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As I have repeatedly stated, this site is in no way an official representation of the USS Philippine Sea, or the U.S. Navy.  This is completely my opinion and my memories of my experiences on that ship.