USS Philippine Sea Items Of Interest
The Great Desert Shield Logo Drawn by CTO3 Glenn Wilkinson.  This image was used on dozens of Philippine Sea items.  It kicks much ass.
The patch is self-explanitory.  They also made a pretty cool T-Shirt that had the Gulf of Aqaba Yacht Club on it that I still have (though there are lots of holes in it.
This is a piece of sealing material from one of the Tomahawk launch cells expended from the ship.  Once again, it pays to have a GQ station outside the skin of the ship.
These patches were sent to us by General Dynamics, the guys who made Tomahawk's.  Considering the amount of money they made on the T-HAWKS we and others shot, they better give us something.
Commissioning Coins
This was one of the commissioning coasters. Old FMC are the people who made the really cool poster with that World War II aviator on it.  Funny considering that most sailors wouldn't dream of using a coaster.
This is the front and back of the commissioning coins.  They were real nice and were put on a lot of Wardog plaques and such.  They have probably run out of them by now.
This was one of the early War Dog designed from Jason Feeman, a sonar tech.  It's quite grungy because I had it on my Dungaree jacket for quite some time.
Pretty much your typical Desert Storm patch. Probably seen on a lot of ships.
 Another patch that seemed to surface on the ship during the maiden deployment. The date doesn't seem quite right so I figure it was being recycled. This one was from the Sorry Sara and they sold them to us. Man, fucking SH's will stock anything.
We Made The Cover (Bite Us Leyte Gulf)
This is us on the cover of Surface Warfare magazine right after Desert Shield/Storm.  Click on the image to see a bigger and better version.
A plain old ships crest patch.
This was one of the first bumper stickers made for the ship.  We were given these sort of early in Precomm.  I never liked the design, but then again, I didn't have a car most of my time on the ship.
This bumper sticker came out sometime before Desert Cluster Fuck due to the fact that it is Jason Feeman's War Dog design that was modified to slap on the Plan of the Day.  The boys probably have much better ones now, but hey, we had to start somewhere.
This was the invitation sent the the friends and family of those Plankowners (plus distinguished guests).

This was the kick ass poster done by Lockheed Martin. Click on the image to see a bigger version.

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