Little CG-58 Crest
USS Philippine Sea Photo Gallery
Little CG-58 Crest
When The Hell Are They Gonna Finish The Pier
USS Philippine Sea (CG-58) the day before commissioning in Portland, Maine.
Mmmmm, Excessive Drinking
One of the rare photos of the "Muster" at Nicks in Norfolk. Left to right: Bob Long, Steve Pererria, Doug Ewald (way in the back), Ken Hodkiewicz, Vern McCormick (you can tell by the sideburns), Senior Chief Hardison, Matt Woods and Terry Clouse.
Quickdraw To Port!
The 5' 54 Gun mount (Mount 51) opened for maintenance while we were in the yards in Portland, Maine to get the sonar dome put on.
Gotta Go! Buh Bye!
The Philippine Sea leaving Bath Iron Works. It was a happy day.
Christ It Won't Shoot
CIWS on a sunny day.
HSL-46 DET 7 Has Cutlass 472 out on deck.
Hey Baby, I Love You Long Time
It's Halloween, and long before "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Damn Gunners Mates. Sauers is on the left but for the life of me I can't remember who the chick is.
It's Up To You
This is a picture of the ship shot from the USS Intrepid Museum when we were in New York city for Fleet Week.  Man did we get drunk.
Yeah Baby!
An outbound Tomahawk fired from aft VLS During Desert Storm.  I got pics of almost all eight of our launches.  That SRBOC GQ station sure payed off.
The Big War Heroes (Got Chaff)?
All of the SRBOC Loader members after launching Tomahawks (left to right: EW2 Clay McElroy, me CTO3(SW) Tilley, CTR3 Scott Minde and CTO3 Glenn Wilkinson)
Put It Across Their Bow
This was when that Sudanese ship didn't want to stop. Dumb Asses.
What! No Smokes!
A CONREP on the port side courtesy of the USNS Joshua Humphries (on of my favorite ships to get served by).
CT's Actually Working
This is a picture of what OT Division did best (especially for that new OPS Boss). . . paint shit.  From left to right: Me, EW3 Winkler, CTR3 Minde, CTR2 Sellers and BM2 Graminski flipping us off.
Scott Minde and me clowning while we wait for the fueling rigs to come accross to Station 8 (port side).
Mmm, Beer Day
The XO's Last Steel Beach Picnic with the Wardogs. Tape on his ass says "See Ya". Little did we know how much we'd miss LCDR Bush.
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