Useful City of Heroes/Villains Stuff

As the game has progressed there have been a lot of god tools and web sites out there that help with the game.  These are the items that have helped me greatly.


The long story here is that they used to just be, a place where people went to find City of Heroes Maps.  But they also had a side business of helping you with badges.  They then activated their new work which was originally called but decided to change it, partly because the profanity sensors on the official forums wouldn't allow the link.  These guys know their stuff.


Though part of Badge-Hunter, I note this link separately because if you are looking specifically for maps, this is where you have to navigate to.

Red Tomax's Story Arcs

Though he has expanded into the City of Data portion, the crowning aspect of his site is the fact that he has tracked story arcs.  At one time, in game, there was a dude named Artphobia who ran an information site, but he sold the site and the company that ran it made it nothing but a place to advertise farming.  Tomax's site is simply the indisputable source for story arc and contact information.

Mid's Hero Planner

The newest and best tool out there for building and tweaking your character.

Salvage Group Chart

Lists the various types of Invention Salvage and what tier's they are used for.  Click on the thumbnail to get a blown up version of the picture.





Difficulty Settings Quick Sheet

Shows the specific mission difficulty settings you should be at to obtain desired spawn results.  Especially useful when soloing for badges and when you are teaming for max experience but can always handle an AV.  Click on the thumbnail to get a blown up version of the picture.


Salvage Cost Spreadsheet

This is of my own design where I map out the relative costs to buy and craft Invention Origin enhancements and the comparison to their Single Origin counterparts.  It's in Microsoft Excel format.

Listing of Copyrighted Characters

I have found this somewhat handy in that I can look and see if the name of a toon I have is already copyrighted.  It is in Microsoft Excel Formal.