High Beamís Hijinks Ė Cleaning Up Other Peopleís Messes

Paragon City is a unique place to live.  It is indeed a unique place for a Hero to ply their craft.  Yet in that uniqueness, there is also comfort in knowing that you will see certain Villains in certain areas of the city.  This also means that villains that definitely do not belong in a zone tend to stick out.

The haters of heroism love to try and sneak up on us.  They love to spring little traps designed to make out lives miserable.

The first time I realized that even villains had their place in the city was in Perez Park.  I was new to this town and had never really traveled around.  My security level or ability to defend myself limited me at that time to Galaxy City, Atlas Park and Kings Row.  Perez was definitely a hazard zone for me.  But I braved my way to a mission in the woods and defeated the Circle of Thorns.  When I came out I saw a couple of villains flying overhead.  They were Sky Raider Wing Raiders and they looked pretty cool.  I was in awe of their flying until a hero ran by me and entered the same door I had just come out of.  And then the Raiders landed . . . and face planted me.

Later I was in Steel Canyon.  I was street hunting Outcasts in the same level range as I was (17).  Suddenly I turn a corner and stagger into a cluster of Devouring Earth.  I had never seen these foes before but I knew, after getting face planted that a Level 32 Fungoid was not a friendly plant.

Talos has been the site of most of my ambush face plantings.  I take a little pride in having been face planted by Malta (twice), Carnies, Nemesis (three times), Rikti and a really odd Crey Ambush that was level 50.  All of these were not my ambushes but once or twice I tried to slug it out with them.  But they were mostly purple to me and I really didnít know when to run away.

A lot of people get angered by getting put down by other peoples ambushes, but my time as a Blaster has allowed me a sense of peace and acceptance of death and debt, even before I reached level 50.

Now, as a level 50, there are rarely any ambushes that can even hurt me no less even pay attention to me.  They know High Beam and they know better.

But sometimes I like to mess with them.  Oh they think they are big and bad being 10 levels above the average enemy in that zone, but I got lyrics and they aint got none.

And as of late, Steel Canyon seems to be the place where ambushes get left laying around.  Recently I dealt with a group of level 36 Crey that were near the Yellow line.  Someone sent out an aid call and I jetted up there and there were like 10 mixed Crey including two Voltaic Tanks.  And several heroes face planted.  In about 6 seconds I whacked these lackeys of the Countess.

Then there was our meeting last Sunday.  Level 43 Malta group rolled up on the Babes of War.  There were conservatively 10 level 50ís at that meeting.  Talk about the wrong place at the wrong time.  We shoved that Sapper Stick in a not so nice place.

So if I see a mob that is out of place and someone isnít right there fighting it, I tend to unload.  Usually an explosive blast and an energy torrent and the ambush is over.  I look at it as a good deed, Boy Scout like . . . or maybe penance . . . for any ambushes I may have left behind without knowing.

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