High Beamís Hijinks Ė Feeling Unwanted

As I sat in the outdoor cafe in Peregrine Island, drinking Cappuccino, I marveled at the silence that surrounded me.  Silence in PI, are you kidding.  Nope I am not.  My little secret spot is pretty much in between the Ferry Landing and the Portal Corporation.  Sure there is a Werfer Jaeger sitting next to me humming away his little steam powered tune, but essentially leaving me alone.

Since I moved to PI, the place has gone from a place where high level toons came to jump the portals and save both this and other worlds to a noisy ghetto filled with whining powerlevers and newbs.  Jerks begging for farm teams and influence and powerlevels and Dreck missions.  One big loud mess, like a screwed up televangelist convention . . . all preaching and all sinners.

Yet once you turn off Broadcast and request, and sit where I am sitting, you only hear the locals talking, the occasional slogan from a villain.  But beware, this only applies to Blasters (and non-heal Defenders).

Because we are unwanted.

Yes.  Try it Miss Blaster.  Just roll into PI, leave the pier and wait.  Wait to see if someone sends you a tell.  If you get one question it will be if you have Nova or Inferno.  Sorry Ice, Electric and AR Blasters, you are unwanted.  IF you answer no.  You are unwanted.  If you answer yes, you will be asked to a team.  But when you ask if they are doing missions or farming they say farming . . . and therefore Babe, you are unwanted.

But I have Bubbles . . . sorry you are unwanted.  We are farming.  Kinetics?  What good is that?  We need Empathy.  We are farming so your controls are not useful.  YOU ARENT WANTED!

But walk into Peregrine as a Tank and you are hit with tells in like 15 seconds.  Same goes for Defenders till they find out you arenít Empathy.  Same goes for Controllers till they find out you arenít empathy.  Scrappers, are you invulnerability.  Okay because they need a bridge.

Otherwise we are not wanted.

Now this may seem annoying but it isn't.  Oh trust me, non-farming teams know the value of a Blaster, but these clueless hacks do not.  But I enjoy this because I can still come to PI and relax.  The maddening crowd has not forced me to become a recluse in my apartment, talking to my six cats.

So on a lark, I shot over to Portal Corp and sent this Broadcast:

"Level 50 Blaster Forming Blaster Only Non-Farm Combat Team"

I got bombed with requests in a matter of seconds.  Of course I got a tell from a Tank who said he could herd for us.  So in short order I had seven other Blasters of all varieties, all very happy to finally get a team.  Very few fifties, a lot of 47's.  Anyway I exemped down and we ran a number of missions.  We blew the crap out of everything we saw and killed them so quickly, they didn't have time to hit us back.  It was money.

So don't lose heart.  You may not be wanted by the majority of the pogues in that joint, but you can find a team.

Now I have to go because that Werfer Jaeger is looking funny at me.

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