High Beamís Hijinks Ė The Joy of Flight

A couple of days ago I was on my way to Atlas Park, and unlike normal where I was in Peregrine Island and needed to get there in like 2 minutes, I had planned ahead and had nearly 20 minutes.  So after hopping the ferry to Talos and then the Green Line to Steel Canyon, I decided to fly.  It was nearing dusk and the searchlights were going.

And it was beautiful.

I mean it.  And I was surprised.  I had been in Paragon City for over a year and this was the first time I really noticed it.

With the exception of a brief period of time, High Beam has always had flight.  Her name was chosen partly due to my adoption of hover blasting after using it so well as a young AR Blaster called Arbeques.  I got flight at level 24 but really it was just an up and over power for me as I had Super Speed.  It used to incur an accuracy penalty and you cannot snipe so again, it was hover or run.  So I have never really taken advantage of its use as a sightseeing tool.

So many zones in Paragon are eyesores, by design.  The Hazard Zones are torn up or generally lacking scenic features.  Brickstown, Independence Port, Skyway City and Kings Row are all ugly with their factories and/or port facilities and power towers and too many freeways.  So the only real places that look nice are Galaxy City, Atlas Park, Talos Island, Peregrine Island and Steel Canyon.  Yet Peregrine is filled mostly with low buildings.  The same can be said for Galaxy, Atlas and Talos, and though there are some tall buildings, they just donít present the grand vista that is Steel Canyon.

The architects really took their time developing this town.  There are so many tall beautiful buildings.  So I was flying around and noticed so many cool things.  There are massively tall buildings with domed tops.  There are buildings fringed with bird faces.  Of course there are the statues and the fact that it is not fouled up by towers and smokestacks and the like.

But it is the buildings that make flying around the city a joy.  Check it out if you can.  I am sorry for Super Jumpers or Teleporters because it just isnít the same.

So much so that I lost track of time and had two minutes to get to Atlas.

I flew there.  I was late.  It did not matter.

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