High Beam’s Hijinks – Super Summertime Bug Zapping

Funny thing about summer, it’s warm, its nice, is filled with outdoor activities and we all want to enjoy them.  Yet sure enough there are pests out there that want nothing more than to screw up your pleasure.  And like real life, there are things in the game that screw up your pleasure.  Take these examples, primarily on what I have seen over the last few days.

In the Hollows, there was this dude that had a bind that basically said “I slept with [insert target’s name] mother last night.  Okay funny when the statement is “I slept with Talashek the Mystic’s Mother last night”.  Not money when it uses my name.  This is the same cat who comes to your barbecue, gets drunk and starts hitting on every woman there (and your golden retriever).

As summer approaches, the hype over Basketball winds down and people start getting wound up for Baseball.  In many ways everyone was hyped up for the Arena and when it was released, the excitement quickly died down.  Shaq says he will “own” as soon as he respecs out of Flurry and takes “Jump Shot” from the Leaping pool (slotted with an SO Accuracy).

Fireworks are money so if you are bored and have influence, do what I do.  Find yourself a couple of Blasters that have their Alpha and hover, pay them some influence, float up in formation and light off Nova’s one after another.  It’s like the 4th of July, especially when you do it near the Talos Island train station.  Citadel (formerly Bastion) stands there quietly but inwardly thinking “Bastion like blue pretty sparkles.  Bastion not like his new name.”

But I was tooling around Crey’s Folly when I see this Hero with the strange name of Porch Blaster running around shooting at DE swarms.  As I got close I realize he was a full blown Electric Blaster, both Primary and Secondary sets.  He was running around, popping these clusters of bugs yelling “He blew up real good”.  I sent him a tell and we talked for a few minutes . . . ZAP!  Swarm dead!  ZAP!  Swarm dead!  And it dawned on me . . . he was a bug zapper, one of the finest and most entertaining things about summertime.

Nothing beats sitting on the porch watching moths explode after taking 500 volts of electricity head on.  And his name made sense.  In talking to him, he told me that he had indeed named his toon on that premise.  At level 40, these swarms were no challenge.  He said that at the end of the day before he logged he would come here and zap bugs and didn’t care about experience.  Bzzzzt!  Pop!

He’d do this for an hour or so then log and he was having a blast.  Running and jumping he was cooking these insects off left and right.  Some demented little blue light Cockroach cooker.  And I stood there and watched him do it for like 15 minutes.  I was absolutely entranced at the unrestrained pleasure this cat was having in killing off these swarms.

Eventually I left and went back to Peregrine Island whereby I went on my balcony, turned on the bug zapper and waited for mindless insects to go to the light and get the shock of their lives.

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