Highland Hammer – The Story of Highland Hammer

Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Catherine MacGreggor joined a family that had been fighting evil for over 500 years.  Yet in her household, the men did the fighting while the women tended the wounded.  She was loathe to be relegated to this role but she honored her family.  She was trained in the basics of fighting, as any good Scot would be, but never initiated into the order that had swore an oath to the Queen herself that they would always fight those that transgressed the spirit world.

But as she grew, so had the power of the evil forces her kin fought in the British Isles.  The Circle of Thorns and the Banished Pantheon now commanded unusually impressive powers and summoned far more dangerous beasts to do their bidding.  By the time she was 15, nearly all of her family members had been killed by those that worship spirits.  Only her brother Donnal remained, along with the members of the family too old to fight.

Then on Halloween 2002, a host of Circle of Thorns set upon MacGreggor Manor.  The family rose up to battle these creatures but the fight was in vain.  The house was set aflame and those that did not fall in battle died slower, more horrible deaths by immolation.  When the sun rose, the house was ashes as was the MacGreggor family.

Yet Catherine survived.  She had been sent to London to retrieve some texts from a rare book dealer that related to the Circle.  She arrived to have her entire world collapse around her.  Everything was lost to her.

But in clawing the ashes that were once her family and home, her anguish changed into anger.  Her remorse turned to resolve as she dug through the rubble trying to salvage some of the artifacts that the family used to combat the evil.  Her heartbreak turned to hope and she saw what her path was . . . she had no choice and nobody to stop her . . . she would take up the fight where her kin left off.

The first artifact she found to have survived the blaze was the Cuthbert’s Cudgel, the magically enchanted war mace that had smote so many foes over the centuries.  Last wielded by her now dead Grandfather Caleb, its presence in the battlefield instead of in the armory told her that even the infirm members of the family had risen to fight.  She knew that it had been magically forged and always seemed to strike its enemies true and inflict far more damage than it should have.

Then she found the Boots of the Moors, amazingly intact even though still attached to her uncle Burl’s charred legs.  Inscribed with arcane runes they granted the wearer the ability to leap great distances as well as run faster than normal men.  She also remembered her uncle talking of their ability, when commanded, to make the wearer harder to be struck.

As she continued searching the remains of her ancestral home she found the enchanted gloves known in the family as “The Earthen Grasp”.  These gloves had only recently entered the family’s possession, a relic captured from members of the Circle and the full extent of their powers had yet to be determined, though it was known that they could be commanded to make ones physical actions faster.

But then she found the body of her brother Donnal, though it was charred beyond recognition, she knew it to be him because of the armor the body was surrounded by.  This was MacGreggor’s Mail, the massively enchanted suit of armor.  It has been said that only its first Wearer, Colin MacGreggor knew the full extent of its abilities but the history of the family has well documented its ability to withstand physical blows, lessen the effects of fire and frost, provide rejuvenation to the body and upon command radiate auras that lessen the effectiveness of enemy weapons and keep the wearer from being affected my various disorienting factors in combat.

But though she was outfitted with the items that had allowed her family to combat the forces that seek to twist nature, she knew that she did not have the fighting skills to put these tools to use.  So she sought out the weapons master that had tutored so many of her family in melee combat.  For two years she studied under the man known as Arminhammer until her need to avenge her family and continue the fight overcame her.  Yet when she began searching for the Circle, she could find no trace of them.

The places they frequented were abandoned and no practicing members could be found.  But eventually she heard that the Circle had found the entrance to the lost city of Orenbega, and that the means to access it were in the Americas, in a city called Paragon.

She arrived on Haloween, on the second anniversary of her familys destruction.  From the moment she stepped into King’s Row she knew that she had found her eternal foe and she went after them with vigor.

She has slowly unlocked the powers inherent to the magical artifacts she possesses and with the help of MAGI, her power has begun to grow.  She has affiliated herself with the Babes of War and has added other enemies of freedom to her list of foes, but she continues to focus on the Circle.

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