High Beam’s Hijinks – Skull Speed Drills

So a couple of days ago I decide it’s time for High Beam to head to Perez Park and Kill Skulls to get the badge.  I haven’t been sweating it because at level 50, these cats are just no challenge.

Anyway I enter Perez Park via the Steel Canyon gate and there are like four heroes between levels 6-8 trying to Kill Skulls and they are not doing well.  I check them out and they are all Defenders.  They are keeping afloat because one was empathy, but the bubbler was low on endurance, there was a Kinetics who just flailed around and a Psychic that was currently face planted.  And there are like 20 Skulls just wailing on them, including a Bone Daddy.

I send a Local chat asking if they need a little help and they were like, “please do”.  So I drop a single Explosive Blast into their midst and drop all but one of the cats (everyone has a 5% chance of missing dammit).  So afterward we chat for a bit while the empathy waits for rez to recharge.  Turns out they were on a Kill Skulls hunting team that had a Blaster and a Tank, both apparently in their mid 30’s who formed a team and then proceeded to herd a big mob of skulls, then drew them to the defenders, then dropped the team and bailed.

That was not money.  I asked them what the names of these asses were and they could only remember the Tank, Juggernutz.  I scanned the online list and found nothing.  Anyway they were going to bail from PP and I was feeling bad for them so I offered to run with them and Kill Skulls.  Naturally they were wary and I understood, but my natural Babeness swayed them.  So I start running up and down the streets, remembering to keep them in range.  I was dropping Explosive Blasts and Energy Torrents, and just to show off, I pseudo-herded a heap of Skulls and dropped a money metal Nova on them.

I got applause for that one.

Anyway after about 5 minutes, my badge popped but I was in the groove and kept pummeling Skulls till they all got their Badge.  But I was in the zone and piled on and whacked a bunch more Skulls until they all got their Bonecrusher Badge (Bone Daddy’s).  Finally they had to leave, thanked me profusely and said that the Babes rule.  Then they left.

And I felt sad.  I had been getting such perverse glee pounding the crap out of these bad dudes that were absolutely no challenge to me.  In fact I should have had XP taken from me for doing it.  But I also felt pretty good helping these cats out.

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