High Beam’s Hijinks – Highwire Act

So I was walking my dog in Peregrine Island, minding my own business when suddenly some Carnies accost me telling me to give them my money.  I will be honest, I laughed at them.  The ironic part is that though they are all about the whole carnival thing with the loud clothes and the juggling and the “cute” masks, they apparently don’t have a sense of humor.  They start whipping out juggling pins and knives and doing the whole fire spitting thing and again I laughed.  I asked them if they knew who I was and they said something along the lines of “who cares, you’ll be dead soon.”  So I laughed again and told them that I was High Beam of the Babes of War.  Needless to say they were unhappy to hear that for my reputation for spanking these demented clowns is well known.

But I have to give them credit, they didn’t back down.  This didn’t stop me from “arresting” the lot of them in like ten seconds, but during the fight something happened that made me laugh my ass off.  One of these insane clowns jumped as I hit her with an Explosive Blast and it knocked her on top of some electric wires.  Granted she was knocked out but for a few seconds she lay up there, balancing on these wires.  That’s when I thought of something funny . . . unconscious circus people on a wire up high . . . like a high wire act.

Okay it was funny to me.

But it set me thinking about other times I had seen this.  When the Winter Lords attacked Paragon City, I busted ones ass in Skyway City and it ended up tossing him up on the wires, again knocked out.  Another time I was in an alternate dimension fighting that crazed Psychic Clockwork King and he too got knocked onto the wires, though he was still fighting.  This has happened with the alternate dimension Babbage as well.  So being bored and looking for cheap entertainment, I decided to see how many villains I could knock up onto the wires.

My first success was a Tsoo Ancestor in Steel Canyon, who was in hover mode.  I caught him from a low angle and drilled him with an Energy Torrent and cool, he got stuck there.  I tried to do this several more times but couldn’t make it work again.  Next I moved back to Skyway City and tried it on some Trolls, but again I could not get them on the wire.  I tried this like 10 times before I got pissed and moved on.  Now Kings Row is money for this trick because there are wires like everywhere.  I got a Prototype Oscillator and a Hellion on the wires but my best accomplishment was tossing two Skulls up on the wires at the same time.  I had no luck pulling this trick on the Lost.

But like all circus acts, I began to tire of the evolution and decided to go back home on Peregrine Island.  As I stepped off the Ferry I noticed the funniest sight.  Standing on the wires with his “balancing” staff in hand was a Fake Nemesis and sure as hell, there were three Carnies below him cheering him on.  I left the poor bastard on the wire and went home pondering the concept of a new Reality show . . . Battle of the Network Super Hero Stars.  Hmmm.

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