High Beam’s Hijinks – Who Owns Who

Though I have always found comfort in the Headquarters of the Babes of War (mmmm comfy couch) I decided to rent an apartment in Peregrine Island.  Sure perhaps Founders Falls or Talos Island might have been nice but it is in Peregrine Island that I find myself most comfortable.  I mean where else can you wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the ocean, get a cup of coffee and take out a few Carnies who happen to be harassing my paper boy.

So the other day, I am sitting at an outdoor café, having a nice Cappuccino and reading the latest news in Paragon City when some hero runs by me with about seven Carnies in tow.  But behind them are about a half dozen of those Weber Grill looking Nemesis Jaegers and about three very pissed off looking Malta Operatives.  Now this guy was a Tank but his level was like 37 and these bad guys were all in the 47-49 range.  Needless to say I figured I’d help him out.

I shouted to him asking if he needed help and he didn’t respond.  That was when I noticed he wasn’t really fighting them, just drawing their aggro and pulling some more foes along with him.  You don’t see too many people farming the streets of PI so I decided to follow that cat to see if he was up to no good.  Sure enough he was steadily making his way towards Ghost Falcon where many unsuspecting heroes and heroines were trying to take a breather.

Angry at this, I bolted for Ghost Falcon while I sent a simple tell to this guy to “don’t pull that herd into the square.”  The response to me was a snide “F U”.  So as the herd got close, I clicked an accuracy and damage inspiration activated Aim and Build Up and set off my Nova right in his happy little herd.  Took em all out.  And he was pissed.  Granted a lot of the other heroes there were thankful but this guy went on a rant (which I expected) about Kill Stealing from him.  Of course the fool did this in broadcast and the statement that got him in trouble went like this:

High Beam:  Dude I warned you not to pull that herd into the plaza.
TankAssBitch: Who made you god of PI?
High Beam: Nobody.  But you should not be griefing people here.
TankAssBitch: KS bitch!
High Beam: Nice.
TankAssBitch: When P2P comes I’ll own you!
High Beam: Check the card Tank, you couldn’t even own the cats you were herding here.
TankAssBitch: If you CB’s can’t take it, get off the server!
High Beam: Really!  So who made you God of Freedom?
TankAssBitch: I’ll herd bad guys here all day.  All you Care Bears can suck it.
High Beam: All of PI appreciates your warning.

And that was when everyone started to wail on that dude.  I went back to the café and discovered that some punk assed Nemesis soldier had taken my cappuccino to “prove his worth to Nemesis”.  Needless to say he tasted an energy blast.

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