City of Heroes/Villains Experience


Officially I started playing City of Heroes on July 24th 2004 and from the day I started I fell in love with the game.  I missed Beta (I was still recovering from my transfer from Naples, Italy).  The linked Issues are from ParagonWiki and contain all of the things that those issues contained.  Also by the time I started playing, Issue 1 (Through the Looking Glass) had been released so When I started, I assumed those things had always been there.  I am not a beta snob (which some players are to this day).

On September 16th 2004 Issue 2 (A Shadow of the Past) was released and with it came some things that I was excited about.  First off the Rularuu running through the streets was a blast.  But most important of all was the inclusion of badges.  There were a number of new zones to run around in (The Hollows, the Shadow Shard and Eden).  Plus we got capes and respecs.  Man so many people were running the TV respec.

On January 4th 2005 Issue 3 (A Council of War) was released and it was good and bad.  On the good side, more badges were added, including fighting a giant squid, a Clockwork Paladin and the Ghost ship.  They added the Epic power pools which were nice with regards to adding variety to your characters.  They added Striga Isle as a new zone.  Unfortunately they also added Kheldins and worst of all they killed off the 5th Column.  Global chat was a really great thing.

On May 4th 2005 Issue 4 (Colosseum) was released and it was the worst release so far because in addition to having no real content it heralded the arrival of PvP to the game and all of the shitty things that go with it.  The Arena's were populated for about 2 days then became ghost towns.  You know if they had actually gotten the badges working in there, they would have at least had people in there trying to get the badges which could have made them more populated and actually attracted people.

On August 31st 2005 Issue 5 (Forest of Dread) was released and they added some powersets (some good, some bad) as well as the Croatoa zone.  It was nice to once again get some content.  Unfortunately this was also a MAJOR nerf issue with the global defense reduction.

On October 27th 2005 Issue 6 (Along Came a Spider) was released which was actually the release of City of Villains.  Also, three PvP zones were added and they put in Supergroup bases.  Unfortunately this was overshadowed by the universally loathed Enhancement Diversification disaster.

On June 6th 2006 Issue 7 (Destiny Manifest) was released and with it brought many changes to the villain side including bumping the cap to level 50 as well as several new powers for villains and several new zones (including a PvP zone).  But most fun of all were the Mayhem Missions.

On November 28th 2006 Issue 8 (To Protect and Serve) was released and brought us the Veterans rewards program, Safeguard missions (Mayhem wanna-be's for Heroes), a great redesign and revamp of Faultline, plus a lot of edge dressing.

On May 1st 2007 Issue 9 (Breakthrough) was released and it was probably the best once since Issue 2 or 3.  In addition to a new Task Force they created an invention and crafting system and a ton of new badges.  Plus they made the Hamidon encounter harder which has since reduced the number of lazy raiders in the game.

On July 24th Issue 10 (Invasion) was released and has been by far the funnest issue so far.

On September 20th Issue 11 (A Stitch In Time) was released and introduced TIme travel in the fashion of being able to redo old content.